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German Statice, 3.5 Pounds Dried Lavender Seconds, 32 Bundles Dried Craspedia Wholesale Long Stem
German Statice makes a great filler. Numerous tiny star shaped flowers sit atop stiff stems. This is bulk German Statice totaling 3.5 pounds. 32 English Dried Lavender Seconds at $2.75 per bunch. Craspedia, also known as Billy Balls or Billy Buttons, have bright yellow round flowers atop wiry stems.
English Dried Lavender, 10 Bunches Blackberry Lily Stalks, 10 Bunches Pink Dried Cockscomb, 15 Bunches
10 Dried Lavender at $9.10 per bunch. Blackberry Lily Stalks, $9.85 each. 15 Pink Dried Cockscomb at $8.85 per bunch.
Buff Dried Cockscomb, 15 Bunches Merlot Dried Cockscomb, 15 Bunches Oregano Flowers - Purple Blossom, 15 Bunches
15 Buff Dried Cockscomb at $8.85 per bunch. 15 Merlot Dried Cockscomb at $8.85 per bunch. Dried Oregano Flowers, $8.85 each.
Dried Mountain Mint Bunches, 15 Bunches Dried Larkspur Flowers, Dark Blue Dried Safflower, 20 Bunches, Orange
Mountain Mint, 15 Bunches
OUR PRICE: $132.75
15 Dried Mountain Mint Bunches at $8.85 each. 20 Dried Larkspur Bundles at $8.35 per bundle. Dried Safflower Bunches, $8.35 each.
Oregano Flowers - Kent Beauty, 20 Bunches Lepidium - Peppergrass, 20 Bunches Dried Lavender, 30 Bundles
30 Dried English Lavender Bundles (2021 Crop)
List Price: $339.99
OUR PRICE: $243.00

Dried Kent Beauty Oregano Flowers, $8.35 each. Lepidium Bunches 30 Dried Lavender at $8.10 per bunch.
Decorative Sage Bunches, 30 Bunches
30 Decorative Sage Bunches at $8.25 each.